As a longtime user of memtest86+, two issues with the last release (5.01) kept popping up to annoy me:

  1. The absence of a USB memstick image (the ISO does NOT work when copied directly to a memstick).
  2. The requirement to press F2 to enable SMP mode (not possible when testing many machines “hands-free”).

In the spirit of open-source, I have fixed these two issues, and am making available my custom images:


  • memtest86+ 5.01-wk
    • md5: 2c0d2a7b1720063ed9fc89c8b192a430
    • Identical to the last official 5.01 release, just in a USB format.
  • memtest86+ 5.01-wk-smp
    •  md5: 4bd8738c810fb274c6c7230d9be173fe
    • Patched to ALWAYS run in SMP mode, even on servers.
    • USB format.


Simply burn these images directly to a flash drive using dd or similar utility.


The modified source code is available on my Github:

6 thoughts on “Memtest86+

  1. I was having problems getting memtest to work on a USB stick. I downloaded your version, used rufus to put it on a stick and it works perfectly. Thanks for providing this. It’s been a great help.

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